Grounding Blend

Mood, Energy and Body Systems Enhancer

Balance is an amazing blend that is very grounding and helpful for recovering Balance inside and outside the body. Anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, calming, soothing to the nerves, supports pancreas in processing sugar and carbs, pain relief to muscles, coordination enhancer, helps cells remember how to be perfect.

Spruce: Antibacterial, antispasmodic, antiparasitic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, hormone-like activity (clears those receptor sites), cortisone-like action, improves circulation, immune stimulant, very good with improving lung/sinus issues, great for sciatica/lumbago issues, motivates muscle intelligence for repair. Grounding and helps with emotional release.

Rosewood: Analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, acne relief, nerve tonic, anti-depressant, mood lifting, stress reduction, good cell regenerator and deodorant. Tonic effect on the body without being a general stimulant but it is an immune stimulant (works well with Chronic Fatigue). Very powerful spiritual awareness oil for inner clarity.

Blue Tansy: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic/anesthetic, anti-itching, relaxant, gentle hormone-like activity in that it clears receptor sites so proper matches within the hormone world take place. Great affinity for soft tissue tuning, clears excess debris from tissues so that improved oxygenation takes place so age reduction at the cellular level happens. Gentle to the skin and gentle in its action – soothing in nature. Relieves anger, and promotes a feeling of self-control.

Frankincense: Volumes written on the benefits (used in medicinal and ceremonial practices since the beginning of record keeping); antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumoral, immuno-stimulant, antidepressant, muscle relaxant, excellent for skin conditions, brain tonic, neurotonic, respiratory infections and mind clearing. Increases spiritual awareness, promotes meditation, improves attitude and uplifts spirits. (Master oil – that it often makes other elements step up to their potential –can draw out the maximum benefits when combined with others). Restores DNA and RNA to the original recipe. Dr. Hill put together a book available: Frankincense

All recommendations shared with this document are effective ONLY with dōTERRA Balance Blend

Pancreas, Spleen, Pineal, Hypothalamus, Liver, Thyroid Glands and Limbic System all love this blend and benefit as it moves through your system smoothly and efficiently after being applied to your skin or breathed in from being diffused.

Aroma Touch Technique: Balance is one of the oils of the Aroma Touch Technique which is a practical gentle way of balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and can be learned and applied by everyone. See calender of Events for a schedule of classes near you and order the DVD from doTerra – amazing tutorial.

Diffuse Balance to lift moods, clear minds and create an atmosphere of expectation of anything good is possible.

Anxiety Relief: Apply Balance on the back of the neck, over the heart and on the wrists – rub wrists together and inhale

Locked in Grief Due to Personal Loss: Balance 4 drops, Melissa 2 drops, Wild Orange 4 drops, and Lavender 2 drops; Gently mix and apply to wrists, over the Heart, on the throat, on the back of the neck and on low back, 3 times a day.

“STUCK”- Feeling Stuck (seriously depressed about self)– unable to change habits that have proven you are making yourself unhappy but unclear about what to do different. Balance 4 drops, Melissa 3 drops, Grapefruit 3 drops, and White Fir 3 drops; gently mix and apply to wrists, over the heart and on the back of the neck and on the bones behind the ears and start your new plan with an expectation that you will feel different and that is good. Reapply as needed.

Apply Balance (Wrists, low back and feet) as first oil in series for relief of a condition and you will be pleasantly surprised at how well each additional oil seems quicker and stronger in it’s effectiveness. You can use less and enjoy more benefits because the first thing Balance does in your system is to coordinate the electro-magnetic energy that flows throughout your body (like the orchestra conductor, fine tunes all instruments –organs and nerve chains–to work together more smoothly). Balance has a special relationship with the information that runs up and down your spine in that it sings to the energy and nerve chains and brings them into harmony quickly.

Babies or Physically Handicapped: Learning to walk or crawl – put drop of Balance on the bottom of each foot at the beginning of the day and after lunch and the coordination and sense of “Balance” will be enhanced – fewer bruises.

Young Children: Starting a new sport – in neighborhood or in classes – 2 drops of Balance on the bottoms of each foot prior to putting on thick athletic socks to go learn the sport or dance lessons – the cellular memory of the moves will be quick and the smoothness into better performance will be enhanced – more fun for all.

Young Adults: Prior to Yoga instruction or Beginning Running or Spinning at the Gym or new Body Work – Apply Balance to Lower back, wrists, bottoms of both feet and the back of the neck then put on your nice cotton socks—you will be surprised at the ease with which new moves are achieved and the endurance expanded and more fun.

Sports: Prior to exertion apply Balance to the low back and back of neck so that Energy flow is clear and focused on the sport – for swimming apply 15 minutes Prior to jumping into the water to be effective.

Adults: Prior to gardening clean up in spring or fall – apply Balance to the low back, wrists, back of knees and on the bottoms of feet before you put on your nice cotton socks and remember to stretch really good before you start this project and again when you finish. Apply Balance 4 drops with Lemongrass 3 drops to any sore muscles when you finish or the next day so you can walk better.

Adults: Going for Chiropractic adjustments – apply “Balance” prior to the adjustment, to the bottoms of both feet, your lower back, wrists and the back of the neck – 2 minutes prior or up to 1 hour prior – the adjustment will go smoother and will be more likely to hold longer.

Adults: Prior to physical therapy of any kind, apply Balance Prior to therapy session –low back, wrists, back of the neck, bottoms of the feet. Will encourage re-education of the tissues you are there to rehabilitate. If post knee or hip replacement – be generous with the Balance on as many areas as possible to hasten the “Balance” Recovery of your body.

Physical soreness after exercise – mix Balance 4 drops, Basil 3 drops, White Fir 2 drops, Lavender 3 drops and apply for quick relief.

PTSD: Post Traumatic Shock Syndrome: Inhale Balance 2 drops rubbed together on hands. Drink water with Grapefruit or Lemon in it and focus on now.

Closed Head Injury: Balance on top of head, on the forehead, on the bones behind each ear, on the triangle at the base of the skull (generously here with equal parts of Frankincense and Wild Orange) and on the point half way up to the top of the head from the neck; then on the wrists and low back; do this every hour while massaging Balance 2 drops, White Fir 3 drops, Melissa 2 drops, Lemon 3 drops and Geranium 2 drops on the bottoms of feet concentrating on the pads of the toes and the foot parts just where the toes meet the fleshy part of the foot. Do the foot massage every two times of applying to head—and encourage to drink lots of water.

Recovering from Addiction: Balance 5 drops, Geranium 4 drops, Helichrysum 3 drops, White Fir 2 drops and Deep Blue 1 drop. Gently blend and apply to all areas of pain when withdrawing from a substance or a chemical addiction as the nerve chains will cry out to complain of the change. This is one of the blends that we use for alcohol, drug or sugar withdrawal. We apply it to the forearms, the back of the neck , the bones behind the ears, the bottoms of the feet and give the person some positive reading or listening and keep them very busy. Person recovering has to admit that they want something to change or the blend will only temporarily relieve the cravings and pain.

Driving Long Distances: Before, during and after trip apply Balance on low back on wrists and on the back of the neck; will keep circulation going and will keep muscles and joints flexible and nerves calm and focused. If very tired apply several drops of Patchouli on the back of the neck and Peppermint internally and eternally.

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NOTE: The advice shared in this document has not been evaluated by the FDA. The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor is it intended to replace proper medical help. Kindly understand that essential oils work to help to bring the body into balance – thus helping the body’s natural defenses to restore homeostasis. Essential oils are not used to “treat” medical problems. This document was researched and prepared as a beginning for new people to doTerra’s CPTG Essential Oils by Dr. Susan Lawton.

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